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COVID-19 Policy Notification

At Evergreen Haus, we are continuously monitoring the development of COVID-19. Our number one priority is the well-being, health, and safely of our guests and ourselves. Therefore, we are following our California state & local Madera county health department's guidance per the CDC guidelines with regards to our operations here at the cabin lodge that are impacted by this unprecedented global pandemic.

Now that California has moved from phase 2 to phase 3, short-term rentals in Madera County have been authorized to finally reopen, but with strict new hotel / motel guidelines / restrictions. Now that our cabin lodge is reopen and operating within this COVID-19 'new normal', our guests' safety is our main priority and we are taking every precaution in order to ensure that. We have set-up new COVID-19 plans, procedures, and routines in place, to keep all of our guests safe and healthy during their stays at our cabin lodge. We would like to share the following information with you.

Changes to our business because of COVID-19:
1. The following amenities will be temporarily closed / unavailable for our guest' use during their stays: All interior shared common areas ( & coinciding services typically available inside of them) - Great room, full kitchen, ( no more free breakfast items / drinks available for guests to help themselves to either, until these restrictions are lifted ), laundry room, & outdoor propane BBQ grill.
2. We have removed non-essential items from our cabin rooms that cannot be sanitized properly (i.e. - decorative pillows, magazines, books, etc.). Only items that can be sanitized properly between uses have been left (i.e. - cabin room info binder with plastic cover, coffee cups, etc). Free coffee, creamers, sugar / sweetener packs will still be included to be used with the individual coffee makers in each cabin room. Mini-frig's are also still included for guest use in each cabin room.
3. Cabin room turn downs will not be performed during guests stays while present, only in between guests stays. Let us know if trash is needed to be removed from cabin rooms.
4. If you encounter a maintenance issue, we will evaluate if an essential service is needed immediately before we assist. Any cabin room maintenance will not be performed when guests are present. If it is not essential, any will be addressed after guests' check-outs.

What we do at our cabin lodge for securing the safety of our guests:
We follow the requirements of state & local county health agencies per CDC guidelines.
Increased cleaning and hygiene protocols.
Room reservations are spaced out 48 hours minimum between guest stays in all online reservation software / listing calendars.
Staff self screening for COVID-19 symptoms before starting work everyday.
Staff will maintain 6 ft distance from guests, wear N95 mask, & gloves.
Staff will frequently & thoroughly wash their hands.
Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be placed in common areas for guest use.
Hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, antibacterial hand soap (gel & bar soaps), & antibacterial body wash are provided in each of the guests' cabin room bathrooms for guest use. Please use only what's needed during cabin stays, as disinfecting wipes, toilet paper, cleaning / disinfectant supplies, etc. continue to be in short supply, so if possible, bring what you can from home.
Signs are posted throughout to remind guests of appropriate physical distancing, to wash hands frequently and thoroughly, and to stay home if they are showing signs of illness.

Evergreen Haus' COVID-19 Cleaning Policies:

Guest Rooms:
GermGuardian 5-in-1 Air purifying System (high CADR performance circulates 4x per hour) w/ HEPA 99.7% Filter treated with Anti-Microbial Agent / Carbon Filter / UV-C light will be run in each cabin room between guest stays.
Rooms aired out between each new guest.
All cabin room turn downs begin 24 hours after each guest check-out.
Staff will wear N95 masks, nitrile gloves / apron while turning cabin rooms down.
All cabin room linens washed with laundry sanitizer between each new guest (only, no room turn down services throughout guest stays).
Sheets, pillow cases, comforter / shams, & blankets.
CleanAir Allergen proof mattress & pillow protectors.
Bath towels.
All decorative pillows have been removed.
All is collected in a washable laundry bag.
All appliances in the room are cleaned / disinfected between each new guest (i.e. - Coffee makers, mini-fridges).
All furniture in each cabin room are cleaned / disinfected during housekeeping between each new guest, (i.e. - nightstands, cabinet handles, chairs, tables, clothes hangers, luggage racks, etc.).
All touchable surfaces in the room are cleaned / disinfected during housekeeping between each new guest, (i.e. - door handles, door locks, room keys, light switches, fan chains, window handles, chains & toggles, TV remotes, hairdryers, sinks, toilets, bath & shower areas, info binder, etc.).
Porous soft surfaces that are unable to be washed (i.e. - carpets, curtains, fabric / cloth furniture, etc.) sanitized with Bullen AirX Spray N Go Disinfectant Cleaner Virucide Formula per US EPA Guidelines.
Verilux CleanWave UV-C Light Sanitizing Wand used over porous soft surfaces (i.e. - carpets, curtains, fabric / cloth furniture, etc.).
All cleaning appliances are cleaned between each room cleaning.
Vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filter & is emptied and wiped clean inside and outside with disinfectant wipes.
Washer & Dryer units are wiped down between each use.
Dishwasher & Fridge are wiped down between each use.

Common areas:
Cleaning / disinfecting wth EPA approved products for sanitization.
Common areas are frequently disinfected, ( i.e. - door handles, light switches, outdoor patio, furniture, etc.).
Before each guest check in.
First thing in the morning.
Last thing at night.

What guests can do for us:
Please continue practicing physical distancing by maintaining a 6 foot distance from yourself and other guests &/or staff.
Covering your nose & mouth in public is now mandatory in California. You can use a cloth mask, bandana, or scarf. Please plan on carrying one with you at all times and be ready to wear it when required. As part of our business safety measures, please wear one if in contact with other guests & staff.
We encourage guests to frequently wash their hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds &/or use hand sanitizer.
Please don't congregate. No social gatherings of more than 5 people.
If you are sick & experience respitory symptoms like a cough or a fever, stay home; avoid others by self isolating. Seek medical care if necessary.

Call ahead, know what to expect:
From business to business, guests may find different guidelines and rules in place, so we urge them to be prepared by calling ahead. From understanding what kind of enhanced cleaning and safety measures have been put in place, to knowing face masks / coverings requirements and if able to dine in or if services are limited to curb side pickup, calling ahead will allow guests to be fully prepared.

We encourage all guests to refer to the following resources for the latest updates:

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) travel guidelines:

California Department of Public Health:

Madera County Health Department:

California Hotel & Lodging Association:

AirBnB Resource Center / CoronaVirus updates:

Yosemite National Park COVID-19 Operations:

Park Entry Requires Reservations
Reservations are required to enter Yosemite for day and overnight trips. For reservations and information, visit NPS.gov/yose

Heading into Yosemite? You need a reservation, whether you're going for a few hours, a full day, or an overnight trip. This temporary system is in place to ensure the park can safely welcome visitors while preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Visitors can enter with:
Day use permits
In park camping, lodging, or vacation rentals
Wilderness or Half Dome permits
Regional transit or tour groups

COVID-19 Safety in Yosemite

Wear a face covering when in contact with other people
Stay at least 6 feet from others on trails and in public spaces
Wash hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap and water

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