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About The Business:

FAQ: What is a 'Lodging House'? In our case, it's a single cabin in which we offer it's 4 rustic elegant en suite cabin rooms for rent individually on a nightly basis, which gives guests full access to the cabin's common areas, exactly like a Bed & Breakfast. We operate in the same spirit as the B&Bs (just currently without meals, even though we do have lots of free pre-packaged breakfast items / drinks that guests are welcome to help themselves to). Our mountain cabin theme compliments Yosemite verses the other Victorian, cottage, country, or typical homes with no particular style at all. However, What separates us from elsewhere is that for interested guests, the cabin's full kitchen area can be used to cook all meals too. Our unique business model gives guests a nice mix of an Inn/B&B & cabin rental experience for less than the cost of a hotel room & far less than an actual cabin rental.

We're best suited for guests who are more interested in alternate lodging & being truly immersed in an old world mountain atmosphere that's complimentary to Yosemite with nature overlooking mountains, trees, and wildlife (plus all cabin amenities) during their stay for less cost than the typical hotel / motel lodging experience and with closer location to Yosemite's south entrance. Especially compared to just 15 minutes up hwy 41, where cost is double to triple our rates or further away in town in a busy cookie cutter 3 story 50-100 room hotel / motel right on the hwy with window (only) view overlooking hwy / crowded concrete parking lot below.

We've streamlined the vacation rental process, making it affordable & easy to plan / travel to on short notice (especially for couples / small families traveling on a budget). Nearly all of the cabin rentals in this area require a minimum of a week stay (like Fr-Fri or Sat-Sat) for the ENTIRE cabin & they're very expensive for that reason (plus there's additional expensive cleaning fees, etc too). While we understand the reasons, since the owners live offsite elsewhere & have to pay for the cleaning service / key exchange, it's why they typically won't touch anything less than a 1 week stay in order to only have to only have to pay for these services 4 times a month. This requires planning / coordinating additional family / friends schedules (which can be tricky) in order to split the cost down to an affordable level. They're great once you're actually staying in them & done with all that (or rich). However, since we live onsite & offer individual cabin rooms for rent on a nightly basis, which gives guests full access to the cabin's common areas, that makes the same cabin experience much easier to spontaneously plan for far less cost. No more coordinating anyone else's schedule, collecting / paying $, getting the key, etc. This way guests can just reserve & let anyone else know location / travel dates & they can pay us individually if interested in joining. Or not & it's OK. Just get the key upon arrival, so much easier & cost effective for nearly the same cabin experience. Especially for couples / small families that don't even have the option of splitting cost with a large group.

Beyond that it's not completely private like an actual cabin rental (unless all 4 cabin rooms are rented @ the same time), the main difference between us & an actual cabin rental is that per the county & insurance, guests aren't allowed to setup / sleep in any of the shared common areas (like the great room or especially the upstairs loft) like they would in a cabin rental, only in the cabin rooms themselves. It's really great for get togethers too if all 4 cabin rooms are rented @ the same time (book ahead if interested in this option).

We feel that it delivers in all these areas & hope that eventually our unique hybrid lodging accomodation option will catch on as guests start to really see the value and benefits we're offering compared to our fellow Yosemite area accomodation establishments.

About The Cabin:

The cabin itself is a truly unique, beautiful custom built historic getaway overlooking beautiful mountain vistas with outstanding views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains frequented by grazing deer & wildlife or star gazing @ the brilliant night sky. It's one of the last rough cut milled timber cabins built in this area from the bygone days of the lumber mill era, immersing you in that 'step back in time' Yosemite mountain atmosphere. It's rustic exterior is complimented by a rustic elegant interior. Before opening July 4th, 2012, we spent the previous 2 1/2 years restoring the property & cabin with lots of new upgrades for our guests' enjoyment during their Yosemite trip. We additionally spent the following 2 years adding 2 brand new cabin rooms (Pine & Cedar) specifically for couples or additionally help accommodate larger groups. It's been a labor of love & we're very exited to share our cabin with interested Yosemite visitors, especially like minded kindred souls with a passion for this beautiful world famous mountain area destination who want their Yosemite lodging to be extra special / memorable.

Our quiet, safe, & secluded neighborhood on Whispering Pines Drive (just off HWY 41) is adjacent to the Sierra National Forest . It's composed of only 10 homes ranging from approx 2-4 acres each. Our cabin is conveniently close to the hwy, but just far enough up the road that you don't see or hear the highway traffic, giving our 2 acre grounds that very private, quiet, & secluded mountain atmosphere.

We love our convenient, central & private location! We're only 10 miles away from Yosemite National Park's south entrance (15 minutes drive), just off HWY 41. In addition, we're just minutes from some of the Sierra National Forest's scenic treasures, like beautiful Bass Lake (7 minutes drive to the Pines Village with restaurants, shops, marina, etc), the Lewis Creek Trail (less than 5 minutes away), the Sierra Vista National Scenic Byway with many hidden gems like the Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias (15-20 minutes drive), Fresno Dome (30 minutes drive), just to name a few. We're also very close to Yosemite's southern gateway town of Oakhurst (about 1000 ft above the north end of town & sometimes 5-10 degrees cooler too), but still close enough (10 minutes drive back down the mountain) to an array of restaurants, 3 supermarkets (Vons, Raleigh's, & Grocery Outlet), shopping, gas, & much more. We're close to all, yet away from all the bustling summer crowds.

About Us:

Our principle idea / philosophy that's behind everything is based on giving guests what we would want ourselves, which is primarily a cost effective immersive mountain experience with nature that's complimentary to Yosemite.

Our primary goal has been to offer and deliver a more Yosemite mountain cabin lodging experience for our guests to truly escape the busyness of everyday life & offer a comfortable atmosphere that promotes a peaceful renewing / recharging of energies that reflects Yosemite National Park. Standing on the deck, one can certainly imagine what life was like for the early pioneers of the past.

We live onsite in a separate smaller home up the hill behind the cabin, so guests have more privacy, yet we're still onsite for anything needed. As members of the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, we're happy to help guests with personal customer service to help plan their day to day excursions with tips, free maps, publications, & brochures ranging from the main famous places to the less crowded secret local hotspots.

We truly hope to make your Yosemite stay a memorable one. -- The Rainwater Family

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